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42 Days to Fitness

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I’ve finally settled on a new fitness goal with a measurable time frame to achieve it by! So that title isn’t exactly true…yesterday there were 42 days left until my cruise (!!) so today there are technically 41 days to hit my fitness goal: 15% body fat and visible abs of steel! Six weeks is the perfect amount of time to get where I want to be, since I’m at 18.5-19% BF now and I have a LOT of room to clean up my diet. Read: no more homemade ice cream sandwiches every other night, and no more excuses for not having salad with that dinner.

Since I started reading Wheat Belly a few days ago, I’ve decided to go mostly gluten-free for the upcoming 6 weeks, and maybe forever. Sticking to that will be a huge part of reaching my goal for the cruise, since gluten raises blood sugar and causes visceral fat to build up around our organs (conveniently located in the abdominal region), getting rid of it will help define my abs and the rest of my body.

Honestly the last two days haven’t been hard. I haven’t had to do much differently, just added in a dose of healthy discipline to my snacking habit and pushed myself a little harder at the gym. Setting a purpose for my workouts and the food I eat is what I was missing before–the motivation and focus I have now just because I set a clear, measurable goal is amazing. “Losing weight” or “toning up” is something I hear my personal training clients tell me when I ask what their goals are, and that just doesn’t cut it. Those are way too ambiguous to instill any kind of drive or commitment to make the right choice when the alarm clock goes off at 5am for a workout, or when those bagels in the snack room at work are calling your name. But put a date on the calendar and a number you want to see on the scale and it WILL make things happen!

If you’re struggling with your weight or health, don’t be afraid to step out the door and go for a run. Go to the gym and lift weights. Find a sport you love and train hard at it. But think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it first. Write it down on an index card and look at it every morning and every night. On the back of the card write how you’ll feel when you achieve your goal. Visualize it. Often. And ask for help from the trainers at your gym. We’re there to serve you!

My workouts for this week:

Sunday–HIIT plyometrics & bodyweight exercises

Monday–Upper body weights & interval running (20 mins)

Tuesday–Spin class & abs



Friday–Yoga & upper body weights


Here are a few pics of my meals lately (and my adorable puppy 🙂


I love the spicy sushi at Whole Foods! I could eat this all day.


Finally she stood still long enough to take  pic! Seriously, that’s hard to get her to do.


I used some leftover enchilada filling to make eggs and a corn tortilla that much better. Filling is just sautéed veggies and black beans with cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper.


The sky after Sunday’s workout with my sister was gorgeous!


This morning I had doTERRA’s Vanilla Trim Shake with a drop of Cinnamon essential oil (balances blood sugar), two eggs, and coffee with almond milk. Plus my Lifelong Vitality supplements of course! These give me tons of energy, help me sleep better at night, cleared up my skin, and remove brain fog! Love them ❤ Learn more about them here. They’re FREE this month with qualifying orders, comment and let me know if you want to try them!

What are your goals? Fitness related or not, comment and let me know!



Author: purelivingeo

I'm a college student, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (AAAI/ISMA), and doTERRA Independent Product Consultant who loves to live naturally--but on a budget! Follow me for tips on living a clean, simple, healthy life without breaking the bank.

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